NTRIP modems

An NTRIP modem is an very easy method of getting NTRIP correction messages to a rover.

An NTRIP modem in essence consists of a wireless connection (typically cellular 4G/LTE) and an NTRIP client which can connect to an NTRIP provider. Additionally such a modem typically features an RS232 port on which the RTCM messages are outputted. This port then needs to be connected to the rover.

An NTRIP modem setup

Examples of commercially available NTRIP modems are:

CompanyCountryProduct nameLink
RacelogicUnited KingdomVBOX NTRIP modemlink
TersusChinaTP688 NTRIP modemlink
ArduSimpleSpain4G NTRIP Masterlink
Precision Navigation SystemsEstoniaGSM-modem GM114link
GeneSysGermanyNTRIP-DGPS Box 4link
settopsurveySpainSETTOP CellXtremlink